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YI, the Choice of 3.5 Million+ Happy Users • Leading the imaging-technology market • High-performance, affordable price • Positive feedback and customer service Simple Set-up 1. Download YI Action Camera App 2. Turn on the camera 3. Connect the camera to the app 4. Start making and sharing videos + photos 155° Ultra-wide Angle Lens and F2.8 Aperture Glass Lens Shoot more of your world with the ultra-wide angle lens. The all-glass 16MP CMOS lens with a F2.8 aperture gives you a total immersive experience. ST high performance g-sensor. Wi-Fi up to 300 ft and Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity Frame your shots perfectly by previewing live footage on your phone with the built-in Wi-Fi. See exactly what your camera sees and take photos and videos from up to 300ft away on your phone. Control the camera and adjust the settings remotely on the app, remote, or camera. Photo & Audio, Multiple Modes 16 Megapixels, 4608 x 3456 Maximum Resolution, 0.5 – 60 sec Time-Lapse Mode, 3-15 sec Timing Mode, 7 pic/sec Continuous Mode. 11 video and 4 photo modes Video modes: 1296p – 30fps 1080p – 60fps, 48fps, 30fps, 24fps. 960p – 60fps, 48fps. 720p – 120fps, 60fps, 48fps. 480p – 240fps. Built-in microphone and audio. Dual-channel, 96KHz sampling, 92dBA SNR. 3D Noise Reduction Battery Life of 95 minutes, 990mAH The Official U.S. Edition products have optimized battery-life by 20%. Up to 90 minutes of recording on 1080p 60fps. Rechargeable Panasonic, high-density, lithium-ion battery: 990mAh. Smart battery management for maximum use. Portability without Sacrificing Quality, 2.5 Ounces YI’s technical engineers work close with the product team to keep YI compact and portable, but not also focus on the core of YI, performance. The result is an impressive sleek design with quality performance.Warranty:1 Year.

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This review is from the perspective of a professional photographer, looking for a personal use camera. I already own a Canon S100 pocket camera which shoots RAW. I purchased to Yi for use as a wide angle camera and for rugged use on vacations (beach, sports, etc) where i didn't want to risk the much more expensive S100. I won’t repeat the already detailed and well written reviews available, I just want to add a few personal notes from my perspective using this camera.The inexpensive action camera market is getting crowded these days, but it turns out that if you’re looking for one that can take good PHOTOS, the market still has relatively few good choices. Most inexpensive action cameras offer “12mp still photos”, however when you dig deeper, they are using a 4mp sensor and up-scaling the image. Not the end of the world if you just want the occasional beach selfie, but a deal breaker if you’re like me and planning on using the camera for photos just as much as videos.So after taking approx. 5,000 photos in a single month over a series of vacations and events, here’s my take on the Yi Action Camera, when used as a CAMERA:===== THE GOOD =====For the price, I’m very happy with it. It takes true 16mp images with a decent Sony sensor. As expected, the camera can be very heavy handed with the in camera sharpening and noise reduction, but overall the image quality is quite good for a cheap point-n-shoot. The lack of back LCD is not a problem for me, I can either pair it with my smartphone, OR in most cases just “guess” the shot and shoot by instinct. After a few thousands photos, this becomes very easy and reliable.I’m very impressed with the camera’s exposure metering. Very rarely does the sun cause significant problems with the exposure metering (and given the 155 degree wide angle lens, the sun is usually in the shot). In the cases where the camera does choose to underexpose more for the sun and sky, it only does so at the minimum, leaving plenty of shadow detail present to be brought out in post processing later. I have found that in my experience, cases of overexposure almost never happen, it’s either spot on or under.One the camera is finally booted up (see the bad below), the remote is very simple to operate, and works well. Just be careful you don’t accidently switch the camera to video mode. Make it part of your routine to check this OFTEN, because it happens quite easily if you leave the camera on. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you purchase the remote for the camera. I purchased it separately from a different site, but you can get it here on Amazon bundled with the selfie stick for a good value (works out to be about $5 extra from the selfie stick if you were to buy the remote like I did separately). It would have been easier to just get the bundle.===== THE BAD =====Startup time on the camera is VERY VERY SLOW. It takes a full 14-18 seconds to turn on and be ready for photos. Plenty of missed photo opportunities here. My solution has been to buy a couple extra batteries and just leave the camera on.Actual shooting speed is “approx.” one image every 2 seconds. (Sometimes as low as 1.4 seconds, but 2 seconds is a good rule of thumb). You need to listen carefully to the camera beeps. It beeps once EVERY time you press the remote shutter button, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually taking an image. It beeps again when it’s taken the image and is READY for the next. “BEEP…. BEEP”. Mashing the shutter button in between will produce lots of beeps, but only one image.I would have preferred to have a few more burst or time-lapse image options available for use. There’s only a single massive burst mode option that takes time to write and recharge. I’d like a 3-shot or 5-shot burst that could be used to “capture the moment” but would also be ready to use again in less than 30 seconds.Color on the camera is good IF the exposure is spot on, however underexposed images which need to be increased +2 stops in post processing tend to be heavy on the red and magenta channels, at great expense to the other colors. It takes a little bit of fiddling to get the color half-ways balanced in these cases, since you’re obviously working with a heavily compressed JPG file, not RAW.Dusk and Low-Light performance is very poor. EXIF data reveals that even in pre-dusk middling light, the camera quickly drops down to 1/60, 1/40 or even 1/15 of a second BEFORE choosing to max out the ISO. If shooting in dusky conditions, hold VERY still, take at least 3-5 images, and hope for the best. PERSONALLY I would have preferred a sharp, noisy image over a smooth blurry one, but that’s not the case with this camera. It simply doesn’t do dusk light well, or darkness at all.Shutter speed doesn’t go below 1/15, so if you were thinking about mounting the camera on a tripod and taking a cool wide angle night panoramic, that will only work if there are a decent amount of ambient light sources (like a well lit city street). Full moon nature shots will just come out black.===== THE BOTTOM LINE =====I’m happy with the camera, I’d buy one again. For the price point, nothing can beat it on PHOTO quality. Really, you have to more than double the price to even get into the same league. With that said, the camera does have its drawbacks which I outlined above, but nothing that is a deal breaker for me. For the price point its in, gets an easy 5 stars from me.
ByFrancis C. - April 5, 2016
 You see all those $50-75 knockoffs that have the HD-1080p stamp on the front, like the GooKit, GeekPro, SportsCam, PPLEE, Legazone, among others; but then you see this: The Xiaomi Yi Action Camera. I'd go with this if I were you, because I did it, and I'm glad I did.The Yi Cam is its own camera. It isn't one of those HD-1080p-stamp-on-the-front-GooKit-GeekP­ro, etc. cameras, no, it is it's own camera.And that's what I like about it.This little guy is awesome! You can take from 16 to 5 MP, and 2K video footage at 30 FPS, or 240P at 240 FPS. The selfie stick fits in your hand very nicely, and I also like that the instructions are in English! This camera is very light, perfect for the biker, boater, skier, snowboarder, fisherman, swimmer, or whatever activity makes your soul soar! Look at the video to see some sample footage, how to change setting in the app, and a good overview of what is in the package.*I have attached pictures that compare my Fujifilm FinePix outdoors cam. Was this review helpful? Please click "yes" below. Thanks.BEGINNING OF APRIL 2016 UPDATE: I am still loving this camera. Took it on an airplane ride with me behind the yoke, under a quadcopter many times, and it still has let up. I just purchased the waterproof case and head strap from GearBest and now I can take it with me almost anywhere! I have to say, it is really fun to see footage I took from the air, land, AND water. I have been informed that this camera can now accept 32 GB Micro SD cards. Still highly recommend this little camera. You will be pleased.
Francis C. - January 2, 2016
I would give this a 4 or 5 star because I love the cameras. But I bought two of them and they both have problems. Here are the issues. Drains the battery when it is off. I have to remove and replace the battery in order get the camera to work and it will not connect to the computer through the usb cable. Yes I have tried different usb cables that I know work with other items. And I did download their computer program. So I use a card reader and transfer the videos and photos to the computer that way. The app for the phone works good for seeing the photos and videos also. It takes nice video and photos, you just have to mess with it to get them to work. Not being able to see what you are taking photos of and videos of is somewhat ok as the wide angle lens captures almost everything you point it at. Underwater video and photos turn out great, but you do need to buy the water proof cases for them. I wish it did not have the other issues because I really like the cameras.
ByThe Fly Guy - December 15, 2015

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